Where did my online budget go?

By January 1, 2017December 28th, 2019Where did my online budget go?

This is going to be a brief, introductory post. Over the years there has been a big question that clients have:

“Where did my online budget go?”

You see, one of the joys I take in owning a web business is making things that are often difficult, technical and confusing — accessible, convenient and supportive for clients. Most of our clients have a monthly online budget they allot to web and marketing services. Which is great. Consistency is key for success. Clients thank us often for providing solutions to problems they thought would surely be outside their budget. For them it is like waving a magic wand — they ask, and poof! It’s magically done.

A problem often arises when things become TOO easy for clients. They lose track of just how hard we work to make their requests possible. We are like duck feet madly paddling so clients can float smoothly across the water. It’s not uncommon for clients to reach their online budget limit sooner than they hoped, or try to lump something unrelated into an existing project only to meet frustration.

Oh, the humanity!

I love the internet. I enjoy the challenges and the increasingly infinite possibilities it presents. If we all had infinite online budgets we would be able to tap into all that potential. Since no one has a limitless budget, we must find ways to apply it most effectively and get the most bang for our buck.

Well, client frustration equals us-frustration. We like things to run smoothly just as much as you the client would — or more! In fact, every single day we go above and beyond what is asked of us to a quick and positive resolution. Why?

We are your Web & Marketing Team. We view ourselves as the branch of your business that manages your website and marketing efforts. More, when possible. We are as vested in your success as you are. When you’re doing well, we feel good. When your business isn’t doing well, we feel it, too.

On that note…

This year I’m starting a series of articles labeled, “Where did my budget go?!” The point is to share the most frequent pitfalls business owners make in trying to accomplish their web goals within a certain budget. If you’ve run into pitfalls in the past, you’re not alone. We at Aris Design hope to help you avoid these pitfalls and others in the future so you can make the most of your online budget, grow your business and your life to be happy and healthy for a good, long time.

Stay tuned for more great info.

~PJ Ferguson,
Your Web Success Manager



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