How to get better clickthrough rates

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Think With Google reported recently, “The average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06%.” Whoa, wait! …What a second?! Clickthrough rates of display ads across all formats and placements is what???

Our clients’ Facebook ads are averaging clickthrough rates of 6 to 8%. That’s … {typing in calculator} … 100% to 133% better than the average. Suddenly we’re feeling pretty good about those results. Why are we sharing? Because we hope you’re not falling in the 0.06% range of things.

Why do clickthrough rates matter?

First of all, mores clicks means more traffic! In the numbers game of marketing you always want a healthy amount of traffic going to your site. More clicks and more traffic means (ideally) more clients.

Second, more clicks usually means lower cost-per-click. Would you rather pay $1.50 for a click or $0.15? (Assuming it’s an effective, targeted ad. Read this article about why paying more is sometimes better.) To keep the issue simple, better clickthrough rate means more bang for your buck!

How to get better clickthrough rates:

Great visuals.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Or more. Probably lots more. A well-chosen and well-placed visual is priceless. Humans connect with the world around them primarily by sight, so using the right visuals — whether it be photos, graphics, video or other — is vital to ad and clickthrough rate success to use the right photos.

…And since I can’t help myself, I saw an ad recently done for a gym, that compared women to the shape of a pear. The ad included a photo of a pear just to prove the point of “Here’s what she shouldn’t look like.” Talk about bad advertising. It’s out there!…

Compelling content.

Use your content to identify with their pain. Share how you are the best solution for them. Make them an irresistible offer. Remember to include a simple, clear call-to-action so they know what to do next.

Killer headline

The best copy artists out there (yes, they’re artists, not just writers) spend 80% of their time on a killer headline. Why? It doesn’t matter how compelling your content is if you don’t get people to read it. You get people to read your content through killer headlines and captions.

Know your clients

All the above items are based on this one thing: You gotta know your clients better than they know themselves. What is their problem? Why are they searching for a solution? What are their priorities and driving motivations? Good marketing finds out this information first. Once you know this you’ll know the right words to use, the right visuals to choose, and where your clients are probably hanging out online.

Proper placement

Don’t forget, ad blindness is a real thing and most people have it. Place ads in relevant places. If you’re selling bathroom cleaning supplies, you won’t get many clicks from an off-road site. Also, the higher up on a page, the more likely your ad is to be seen.

Know your stats…

What are your current clickthrough rates? Do you know? At Aris Design we believe in tracking your numbers closely so you can continue to improve not only your results, but the value you offer your clients. View our Business Success Reports to find out how we can improve your marketing results, reach your clients and grow your business starting today!



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