“Knowledge is Power.”

— Sir Francis Bacon… also Schoolhouse Rock

Growing your business means knowing where you’ve been, where you are now, and which direction you should go next. Our Business Success Reports put the power in your hands by giving you the knowledge you need to take your business to the next level.

Wouldn’t you like to know…

Website Traffic

How much traffic did your site get this month? Was is more than last month? …Last year?

Traffic Sources

Where did your website traffic come from? Search engines? Social networks? Paid ads?

Visitor Behavior

Which pages get the most traffic? What keywords did people use? Did they find what they were looking for?

Marketing ROI

Is your marketing making or losing money? Are you getting the most bang for your buck?

Success Reports will make your business …Smarter!

Growing and strengthening your business depend on answers to the questions above and many more. While we believe in the virtue of hard work, we believe in working smarter — not just harder. With the right information, your business power can be doubled, tripled or more.

The sky’s the limit!

Take your business to the next level

How do Success Reports help your Business work Smarter?

Smart Marketing

There’s one term vital to marketing: Return On Investment (ROI). If your marketing costs more than it earns you’re losing money — not making it. Success Reports show you the strengths and weaknesses in your marketing efforts.

Smart Goals

Great results start with great planning. Success Reports give you real-time stats on your business’s status. Only with this information can you can create an intelligent plan, and ambitious-yet-realistic goals that grow your business!

Smart Strategies

Strategies help you achieve your goals. Success Reports show you what strategies are working, and which ones need improvement. By choosing the right strategies you can focus your resources where they will get the best results.

…in short, Smart means Success!

Packages & Pricing

MonthlyBest Value

$ 20

Per Report
  • SEO Add-on: $10
  • (12 reports / year*)


$ 35

Per Report
  • SEO Add-on: $10
  • (6 reports / year*)


$ 45

Per Report
  • SEO Add-on: $15
  • (4 reports / year*)

Single report

$ 60

Per Report
  • SEO Add-on $15
  • (1 – 2 reports / year)

What’s in each report?

* Paid annually. Add 20% per report if paid individually. Setup only included in Quick-Launch Packages. See services below.

quick launch rocket

Quick-Launch Stat Reports

This package gets you everything you need to get your Analytics set up and reports delivering priceless information to you and your team. You get:

  •  Analytics setup (includes creating an account if needed)
  • Webmaster Tools setup (SEO add-on’s)
  • Integrating Analytics and Webmaster Tools with your site
  • A full year of reports

Basic Reports


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SEO Add-on’s


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Additional Services

Custom Reports

Have specific information you would like to track? We’ll create custom reports to be delivered monthly.

Research Reports

We’ll research your statistics to find strengths, weaknesses and patterns you should know about, and make recommendations.

Marketing Reports

Before you start any major project or marketing campaign, we will help you plan how to track the results, and set up the systems.

Google Analytics

We can create an account and install it on your website so you can start tracking your site’s statistics.
Setup: $75

Webmaster Tools

Get SEO-related insights on your website. Search activity, broken links, and more.
Setup: $75

Full Package

Get both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools set up and installed on your site for a 33% discount.
Just $125

What you get in each report…

Website Traffic

website traffic

How many visitors does your site get each month? This module reveals critical trends in visitor behavior.

Referrals by Channel

referrals by channel

How much traffic comes from search engines, social networks or other sources?

Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic

Which search engines are sending the most traffic to your site? Which ones could be improved?

Social Network Traffic

Social Network Traffic

Which social networks are sending people to your site? Great for deciding where to focus your social networking efforts…or not!

Referral Traffic

Referral Traffic

Backlinks and social links are still an important source of web traffic — when done well. See in a glance, how well your linking strategies are working.

Top U.S. Cities

Top U.S. Cities

See the geographical hot spots for your website. Are you focusing your marketing effort on the right area?

Top Website Pages

Top Website Pages

Which pages are getting the most traffic? How long are they staying on the site? This module answers these questions and many more.

Traffic By Device

Traffic By Device

This module shows what technology visitors are using. Smartphone, tablet, desktop… knowing these details matters!

SEO Add-on’s…

Top Search Queries

Top Search Queries

This module shows:

  • Search terms people use to find your site
  • How many times your site showed up for that search
  • How many times your site was clicked
  • Average position your site showed in search results

Why is this information important?

  • Make sure your site is showing up for the right search terms
  • Make sure people are clicking
  • Improve your search results placement

Improved SEO and clickthrough means more traffic, more visitors…
More customers!

Top Search Pages

Top Search Pages

This module shows:

  • Which pages are showing up in searches
  • How many times the page showed up
  • How many clicks the page got
  • Average position in search results

Knowing these details helps…

  • Make sure the right pages are being found by Search Engines
  • See if people are clicking on your page or your competitors’
  • Improve page SEO to improve their search placement

Better search placement means more clicks, traffic and you guessed it…
Better business!

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